5. Acceptance

Acceptance ends the process

  1. Provide workable solutions

  2. Scale it up!

BBC article http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20190304-human-evolution-means-we-can-tackle-climate-change

Capacity for change There are at least two personal capacity issues:

  • Maintaining a satisfying life that maximises social and familial engagement whilst also allowing you to work out or implement how to change the future

  • How to make personal changes (behaviour, attitude and home/life physical infrastructure) in concert with or before your friends and family

But there is a good side - small group (less than 150 or Dunbar's number) dynamics can operate collaboratively for the future - tribal context…

There is a critical need to address this dissonance and help people adapt. This is more important than simply providing options and is fundamental to the problem of behaviour change.

The need to de-risk change from personal relationships and physical infrastructure.

If you have a change that you'd like to sell, make sure your user story is first and foremost about this dissonance.

'How will my source of change improve or at worst avoid affecting your existing relationships?'

So address fear and control issues by showing people how their lives and existing relationships will be improved.

Simple equations can be used to conceptualise decisions regarding lifestyle restrictions… The algebra of modern life:

Job + pollution + faff = money + holiday

Rearrange the algebra…

Job + pollution + faff – money = holiday

Which resolves to: Do nothing = holiday



Job + pollution + faff = money – €debt + holiday + family Job + pollution + faff – money + €debt = holiday + family €Debt = holiday + family


Is that equation more user-friendly version of this? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_%3D_PAT ??