How can taking a more diverse approach to life make you future proof?

Diversity is generally something that 'open' people (in the psychological classification sense) are happy with. Everyone else finds the experience of diversity as more-or-less stressful.

Diversity of course applies to many things but the challenge and benefits always apply:

  • Social class

  • Books you read

  • TV shows

  • News channels

  • Political parties

  • etc.

Diversity provides new sources of information to add to your ability to be creative. It also exposes you to new ideas and helps you engage with alternative perspectives which might be based on different information than you have.

Alternative world views are valid but you won't know if they're right or wrong until you talk about them. Often an alternative opinion will appear wrong because you are judging it with your current information - diversification may provide new knowledge that allows you to re-examine the alternative.

Generate a list of new resources to help you build knowledge about the ideas you might have written down in response to the previous chapter Learn to be Creative.

Make a particular attempt to use material from outside your normal sources. Nobody else will have to see what you're doing, so be experimental, take action.


  • Visiting a news site you’re unfamiliar with (an English language list)

  • Searching for a new subject (especially revisit Google’s “I’m feeling lucky” button);

  • Taking a chance

  • Get some independent (paid for) financial advice!

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